Aerobatics - Selection of the most beautiful acrobatics in Italy and in the world.

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  • Introduction to the History of the Aerobatic.

  • Some of the best aerobatic aircraft (old and new)

  • Video clips of aerobatics and competitions from around the world.

The aerobatics is the activity carried out by one or more aircraft, in order to combat training or for show, performing acrobatic aerial maneuvers defined. Most aerobatic maneuvers involving the rotation of the aircraft about the longitudinal axis (roll) or lateral (pitch). Other maneuvers, such as for example, move the aircraft on its vertical (yaw). Some maneuvers are often combined to form a complete aerobatic sequence for entertainment or competition. Aerobatics requires a broader set of piloting skills and exposes the aircraft to greater structural stress than for normal flight. In some countries, the pilot must wear a parachute when performing aerobazie. While many pilots fly aerobatics for recreation, some choose to fly in aerobatic competitions, a competitive sport with prizes.

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In the early pioneering days of flight, some drivers have been part of a flying circus..

Some acrobatic maneuvers have been invented for the sake of reckless bravery or to amuse the spectators to airshows . In due course some of these maneuvers were designed to allow aircraft to gain tactical advantage
during aerial combat between fighter aircraft . Aerobatic aircraft are divided into two categories: velivili acrobatic airplanes and acrobatic skills . Specialized aircraft such as the Pitts Special Winner of numerous competitions aeronautical
since its first flight in 1944 , the Pitts Special dominated world-wide competition aerobatics in the sixties and seventies, continuing to remain an excellent competition aircraft in the lower categories also recently .
Pitts Special Designed by Walter Extra ( former stunt pilot ) specially for racing and aerobatic air show is one of the best aircraft of its type ever created. Produced in two versions, Extra Extra 300S and 300L , respectively, to two seats in tandem . The Su -29 is ideal for basic training in aerobatics, basic training in tactical flight ; is also suitable for use in air shows how the air show , in addition to being used for the maintenance of the ability of flight of civil and military pilots .
They have unique acrobatic performances , some aircraft as the model Cesna152 In 2007 Cessna announced securities That it will build a light sport successor , designated the Model 162 Skycatcher Cessna 152 Aerobat , are equipped for the carriage of passengers and luggage, as well as being able to perform acrobatic figures basic . The formation aerobatic consist squadrons with a maximum of sixteen planes .

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