Freece Tricolori - Selection of the most beautiful acrobatics in Italy and in the world.

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Cinema P.A.N.
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Nine Pilots plus a solo take off  softly for the show's most anticipated. One of the Frecce Tricolori counts crowds of fans around the world. Ecclatante is the effect of acrobatic figures that follow an order quickly and accurately: cardioid, Bomb, Looping, Tonneau. The fusion between man and machine is total. A complete harmony of the team allows pilots to fly safe, almost wingtip to wingtip. Maximum concentration, total efficiency psychophysics, enables technological

These pilots join the aerobatic team only after 1,000 flight hours and more with the status of combat-ready. The workouts are taken  daily. Each flight training is first examined in theoretical phase and then put into practice under the eyes of the Commander of the Group to the ground. Subsequently, all the figures are built upon common.
The pilots of P.A.N. ( the aerobatic team) flew in all the skies of Europe and are often called on missions overseas, where thousands of spectators flock to the meadows surrounding airports to watch the show.
Here are the Frecce Tricolori over New York where they are very popular by our countrymen, and then over the Toronto Italian Canadian cities with more than 600 thousand immigrants well. For the quality of the repertoire and the audacious imagination of performance Frecce Tricolori are invited to perform all over the world. We see now fly over the temple of Luxor in Egypt and then the Qwait
City Bay in the Persian Gulf. Even here the show will meet every expectation and collect the deserved applause.

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