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Whether you like the sparrows , eagles, gulls or waders, in this site you will find interesting ideas to learn better the complex world of birds seen in their own habitat or in the canonical texts of bird encyclopedias, not the least hours of listening to delightful songs and poems from around the world.

Feathered Cinema
Bird Watching in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
Spotting-Birds  ( Bird-Watching ) or becoming hobby-ornithologists could be a fun activity to enjoy with family and friends. It can be even a diversion interest to see the bird life with their songs, migration, hunting and more. To browse around this website requires a few dozen hours and an infinite time to listen to different albums of songbirds. For school-workgroups this  can be the ideal site to begin research on various species of birds.

A rather ambiguous term used to describe the person who watches birds for any reason at all, and should not be used to refer to the serious birder.
Bird Watching is probably the less espencive hobby worldwide. BW can make healty life and income opportunity for jung and retired people.

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