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Welcome to Italy
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Land of artists, Navigators, Pioneers.
Think we are talking about the Middle Ages?
Of course not, even if we can boast of predecessors like the great  
Leonardo da Vinci.
In these lines I will talk about my hobby of mask making (I've flown long ago, as pilot).
We could talk for hours about the fact that most of the souvenir is no longer built in Italy.
On your shelves you would like something  made in Italy?

Apologies for digression, the purpose of my site is to show you some masks in Venetian style of my production and encourage you to develop your talent by building masks because:

  • It's fun,

  • makes you gain useful skills manual,

  • you can acquire the ability to interpret human emotions from reading faces!

Eventually you will hang your mask on the wall like a picture and have the same feeling I had which was to be just back from a wonderful trip to Venice!
Happy surfing!

PS:  10 years have elapsed since the first publication on-line. Now I smile a bit 'of this attempt, but I like to leave it in memory of a time for me and many others on the Internet ... pioneering.