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How pull out a form from the mold ?

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How to pull out a form from the mold

The Venetian style maskmaking are certainly artistic challenge of some complexity but I think it is within the reach of many. My masks are a demonstration of a possible hobby like activity
I do not compete with the traditional school of Venice ( mascherari ) in terms of masquerade, but I enjoyed it and want to show the achievements that you can try it yourself. Worth to experiment ... you might discover a hidden talent in you and experience many emotions. When the masks come out from the mold and you pet them with your hands to discover the grinding or surface roughness,  creature begins to tell you how wants to be painted (makeup) and you would admire your artwork and will show it to friends .. Ah!  Do not touch masks with a fresh painting! In what follows I shall try to explain the method of construction (not all the details) of the masks I had adopted instead of paper mache, using absorbent cotton and gauze bandages and plaster casts, a material that is easy to find and capable of producing a resistant plastic and workable result .


The mask is a work of art referring to particular human face is also a medium capable of raiseing emotions, sensations and feelings. This field is also related to a psicological therapy of the human capable of making positive education reflect.
My masks (which I have ventured to define in Venetian style, the many interpretations of bauta mask including the Baugonda the bauta gondola) can not be regarded as a work of fiction. They're a personal representation of images and artistic objects that have always fascinated me in my studies of arts and my school visits to museums.
I owe a great deal of inspiration to art exhibitions  I visited Venice and Florence that are about the civilization of the Egyptians, the Thracians and the Etruscans, the Chinese in the Far East, the Maia and the Incas of the Americas. Finallally also isnpired to masks sold on the African outdoor markets, sidewalk peddlers of Senegalese and morocco ebony masks typical of the Central African animist religions. To me it looks like a sort of magic-teleport somewhere in our modern world facing the new Internet kiosks at the beginning of the new millennium.
My approach to masks does not derive from a desire to please my artistic personality, but it's simple creativity searching of art and beauty while I know these elements can not always be  together hand. My masks are born from an idea by free hand sketch going to the end through some processes full manual (unarmed): clay model, plaster mold, gluing paper or cotton idrolfilo the mold made with paraffin, finishing 'extrusion from the mold with plaster and acrylic paint, airbrush and brush for color finishing, trimmings of lace and crystals or colored buttons.

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